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UConn Extension is on a collaborative journey. We co-create knowledge with farmers, families, students, communities, and businesses. We educate. We convene diverse groups to help solve problems in the areas of food, health, and sustainability.

Connecticut is a small, diverse state with urban and rural spaces. We understand that because we live and work here. Extension educators are ready to connect you with our knowledge and help you to improve your community.

We engaged 70,921 citizens in food, health, and sustainability programs last year. Extension educators provided 7,376 hours (or 307 days) of straight instruction, and 5,223 hours (or 218 days) of combined teaching/facilitation last year. Instruction was offered at 766 formal Extension learning events, and through one-on-one consultation and individualized teaching opportunities. Volunteers increase our impact, and allow us to work in every town and municipality in Connecticut.

UConn Extension continues to be the premiere public engagement program at the University of Connecticut. Extension has eight offices aligned in strategic locations statewide as well as the Sea Grant office at the Avery Point campus and the administrative office on the Storrs campus. Extension programs cover the full spectrum of topics related to CAHNR including food, health and sustainability. Programs delivered by Extension reach individuals, communities, and businesses in each of the 169 municipalities across the state. Extension has approximately 100 faculty and staff in the Department of Extension with another 20 faculty and staff with partial Extension appointments in the academic departments of CAHNR.

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